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The process of permineralization, where mineral deposits form internal casts of organisms, provides us with a vast quantity of fossils that give us an idea of the different forms life has taken in the past.You will never find a Neanderthal bone in the same stratum as a Tyrannosaurus rex bone.because science is about refining our understanding of the truth.The Theory of Evolution is strong enough that nearly half these examples could be disproved and the evidence would still be fairly overwhelming.

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How genes and mutations work give us insights and tools into how evolution works.All life on Earth uses a three-letter code to produce 20 standard amino acids.Researchers have artificially expanded the genetic code to produce additional amino acids as tools, but all natural life use the same 20 amino acids from our common descent.The continents drift at a rate of a few centimeters a year and the distance between the Americas and Africa is 455,000,00 centimeters.There are matching fossils on both sides of where the continents appear to have split apart.

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